Our Mission

Connecting Jews to their heritage and birthright has always been at the forefront for us. Our Pegisha speakers, program and workshops highlight learning and hands-on experience as a road to discovering deeper parts of oneself. We feel that Torah and Chassidus, the deepest dimention of the Torah, hold the keys to the purpose of creation, mankind and discovering one's unique mission and potential. 

Connecting Jews to each other through creating a close-knit, warm environment of true unity and camaraderie is another one of our overarching goals. Throughout the years, many lasting and lifelong friendships have been formed. While we are not a "Singles Shabbaton" an average of one marriage has resulted from each Shabbaton we’ve hosted! We incorporate workshops to help people navigate their current relationships or to help them find and recognize their soulmate. 

Since our inception in 1961, our mission has always been connecting Jews to their Jewish soul, and to their spiritual identity. As we've learned from the Rebbe, through increasing in acts of goodness and kindness, we will succeed in bringing light and blessings into our lives and into the world around us. 


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