About our Program

Shabbat with Chabad

Our Shabbaton is a weekend-long event which provides opportunities for inspiration, connection and insight. Pamper yourself with extravagant gourmet dining; all catered meals provided, healthy and delicious. Workshops, roundtable discussions, lighthearted entertainment and plenty of opportunities to get to know new people are just some of the perks that our Shabbaton offers. We arrange host accommodations for our participants at warm and welcoming host families in the Crown Heights area. Come and recharge during a 48 hour experience of rejuvenation for the body and soul. 

what to expect

  • Meet people from across North America and engage with driven and intellectually curious individuals, all of whom are motivated for growth and change.
  • Hear from speakers with an intimate knowledge of the human psyche and the current state of the world, whose insight and Torah-based wisdom will help you expand your abilities and better attain your goals. 
  • Build on what you already know to uncover new life-perspectives that will enrich your day-to-day routine with more meaning, purpose and excitement. 
  • Be hosted by warm and welcoming Chabad families  in the heart of Crown Heights, the epicenter of Chabad’s activities, worldwide. 

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